Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are trying to make it easier for Mumbai woman to find intimacy without intricacy.

What we are?

We are a group of people, mostly women, who try to find suitable men for the women who request us. We can find it for a variety of needs that you might have, but we don't guarantee. We do it for charity... out of sheer urge to help those who are similar to us. And we maintain the expected level of discreetness while we do it.

What we are not?

We are not professionals at doing this. We are not an alternative to Adult Friend Finder. We are not a prostitution racquet. There is noting illegal or immoral about us. Mutually consensual relationship between two adults is perfectly legal and moral.

How can you get benefitted?

If you are an adult woman living in Mumbai, you can send us an email at findmyguy[at]

This is the list of things we expect you to have in that email:

  1. Level of intimacy on a scale of 0 to 5:
    • 0 means you are looking for a platonic relationship
    • 1 means you would like to interact with a guy on phone or on email (which might lead to meeting him later)
    • 2 means you want to have a date (for one or two times)
    • 3 means you would like to have a short-term non-sexual relationship (which might lead to a longer or sexual one later)
    • 4 means you are looking for a short-term sexual relationship (may be a one-night stand.. may be a month long)
    • 5 means you seek long term meaningful and sexual relationship (may be leading to matrimony)
  2. Level of intricacy on a scale of 0 to 5:
    • 0 means you don't even want to disclose your name... no one needs to know nothing about you sending us an email
    • 1 means you might disclose your name (may be fake) and phone number to the guy
    • 2 means you would like to talk about your work and family and social circle with the guy (but not disclose anything to your friends and family)
    • 3 means you don't mind your friends and family knowing about the guy
    • 4 means you don't mind being socially called the guy's girlfriend
    • 5 means you people know when and where you have sex! (Okay we don't expect anyone to send such a request, but we have to fill the scale of 5... so..
  3. Your age
  4. Your education
  5. Your occupation (no details are expected, something like "I work at a bank" would do)
  6. At least one hobby (anything that you do "not for money"). You can write as much as you like
  7. Your height
  8. Your weight
  9. Any health issue someone meeting you needs to know about
  10. Anything about what you expect in the guy (anything from a macho body to a sensitive heart... let your requests flow)

Some examples of intimacy and intricacy combinations:

  • 0 and 3 - platonic friendship
  • 2 and 2 - means a secret date
  • 4 and 0 - a typical one night stand
  • 5 and 4 - almost matrimony

Make one or more combinations and send us all. For example, you might be looking for a secret date and a long-term partner at the same time. Remember, you should be aware that the level of intricacy and discreetness has to be reciprocal. The guy also should not be expected to reveal more than you reveal.

You need to tell us nothing else but the 10 things above. We don't want to know your name. You can use a shadow email address. Your genuineness will be tested by the way you interact. After all, we are women, we know how to sniff it :)

By when can you expect a reply?

There is no fixed time we can promise. Besides we read your emails at our leisure, and reply only when we have a suitable guy. Don't have your expectations high, there are very few good men in the world ;-)

Are we open to receiving requests from men?

No. A Big NO! we don't want any man to send us an email. That's not how we find men. That's not how women find men. You might be however smart and handsome, we don't need you through the internet. We have a substantially big social circle from which we suggest guys to the requesting women (depending on what the women are looking for). The privacy of the guys we approach is also not sacrificed.

I'm a poor girl, can I still send the request email?

Your economic status does not dictate whether you'd find what you are looking for. You can surely request. Many times people from disparate economic backgrounds make a great couple. We are not a high-class women's kitty party association.

Why do we use e-mail and not web-forms?

Simply put, we are not that big. We can not hire programmers and maintain databases. We don't want it to be our business. It's our hobby. And e-mails are personal.

How do we make money?

All of us are handsomely employed with our jobs. This is just some charity we do.